Download the Game Boy Advance port of Six Pack Man

      This is a GBA port of the old 6packman with some changes to suit the new machine, plus entirely new and improved levels, more music, and just general spiffyness. If you have a flash cartridge, you can play it on the real Game Boy Advance, otherwise I'd suggest downloading an emulator (I find VisualBoy Advance to be the best all around). A quick googling will always turn up a copy, and it's free.

Download Six Pack Man

Fast Mirror

      Six Pack Man is now up for Download. Here are some screen shots. The game is a run-and-jump screen to screen platform game (a la Montezuma's Revenge) that was heavily inspired by an old Amiga game called PlatMan.

On The Streets
In The Sewers

       The manual and system requirements are available here