Trials Of The North

   This movie arose out of some very serious winter stir-craziness. The story behind it is sort of silly, Lachlan and I were sitting around one bleak winter afternoon drinking a bottle of wine because we had fuck-all else to do, and we started taking pictures of various stuff around the house with my new digital camera, and so we put it on the tripod and snapped away as we moved some random stuff around the house and made a pretty silly animation.

   Now, Lachlan is an incredible artist. You can give him almost any medium you can scrounge up and he can make _something_ cool out of it, and modelling clay is no exception. The majority of the models are of his design, and I did a lot of the camerawork. It took several months of sunday afternoons to shoot and edit, but it was a heck of a lot of fun.

This was one of our first sort of proof of concept shots. This monster (C'Shoelu we dubbed him) still gives me the chills.

This is a country music spoof video that my friend Jimbo put together that made me laugh out loud. It's entitled "[You Took a] Big Steaming Dump on My Heart", and if that doesn't about say it all, I don't know what does...